Virtual, hybrid & In-Person events we have worked on

Innovations Symposium 2018

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation’s second “Exploring Public Art Practices” symposium investigated the shifting field of public artistic practice. Local and national artists discussed the unique ways they engage and work in communities, and how they challenge the concept of place

16 – 17, July 2018 San Francisco, CA, USA

Dentsply Sorona 2018

We welcome the implant dentistry community with a special interest in the Ankylos implant system to Berlin, Germany. Taking into account the 33 years of long-term, proven success of Ankylos, as well as a vision of a modern protocol and bright future, we promise that you will trust experience and discover excellence

29 – 30, June 2018 Berlin, Germany

AOA 2018

The American Orthopaedic Accosiaction equips orthopaedic surgeons with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead effectively in the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare environment. The AOA’s 2018 Annual Leadership Meetings will be held at The Westin Copley Place

26 – 30, June 2018 Boston, MA, USA

EAONO 2018

EAONO Instructional Workshop & Consensus on Auditory Implants

20 – 23, June 2018 Copenhagen, Denmark

World Ophthalmology Congress 2018

The 2018 World Ophthalmology Congress® of the International Council of Ophthalmology will be hosted by the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology (SEO) and co-hosted by the European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE) and Spanish Society of Implant-Refractive Ocular Surgery (SECOIR)

16 – 19, June 2018 Barcelona, Spain


NatCon18 is the national conference of the National Council for Behavioral Health. Explore health care’s greatest innovations in practice improvement, financing, integrated healthcare, technology, policy and advocacy and professional development in the field

23 – 25, April 2018 Washington, DC, USA


Co-sponsored by TEPHINET and the CDC, FETP International Night gives FETP trainees from around the world the opportunity to present their work in front of a global audience of public health practitioners during the CDC’s annual EIS Conference

16 – 19, April 2018 Atlanta, GA, USA

British Society for Haematology 2018

The 58th Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Society for Haematology, which will take place at the world-class ACC Liverpool. BSH 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting will cater for all haematology specialists with an excellent scientific and educational programme covering the latest research and best practice

16 – 18, April 2018 Liverpool, England, UK

SAGES 2018

The 2018 World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery hosted by SAGES and CAGS. The World Congress will host surgeons from over 16 international societies representing 6 continents and over 80 countries

11 – 14, April 2018 Seattle, WA, USA

NeoHeart 2018

It’s time for the 3rd Annual NeoHeart 2018! The Meeting is packed with sessions on neonatal hemodynamics, renal function, sedation and much more. They have experts from around the world engaged and discussing vital neonatal cardiac subjects to give the attendees and patients the most up-to-date information, research, and expert opinions

22 – 24, March 2018 Fort Worth, TX, USA