Sample Letter of Invitation

Here’s a sample Letter of Invitation that you can use as a template for creating your own. Feel free to make any additions or changes. We will provide all of the merge information contained within the brackets  << — >> from the author information and metadata you send to us. For metadata requirements, please click here.


Dear << Test First Name >> << Test Last Name >>,
Welcome to the online editor for creating your poster presentation for [____________your event________________]. Use the login information below to create an interactive, multimedia iPoster.

Your iPoster can include: 

  • high-resolution images
  • detailed charts and diagrams
  • slide shows
  • high definition videos
  • audio files
  • links to external data sets and other dynamic content
  • no limits to content

iPosters will be displayed in the virtual poster area of the conference. Participants will be able to scroll through your content, click on images to enlarge them, watch and listen to video and audio files – including poster narrations – and explore your links to additional content on other web sites

The URL to your editor is:
Username: << Test Email Address >>
Password: << Test Password >>

When you log in, you will be taken to the iPoster Editor Site where you will find basic instructions, a list of your iPosters, and a choice of editing templates. Choose a template and begin creating your iPoster.

Please note that you must publish your iPoster by Month dd, 2020. Publishing allows us and the Poster Jury to view the final version of your poster. After publishing, you can continue to work on your iPoster. If you make changes, you don’t have to re-publish; simply click “Save.”



  • To YOUR EVENT STAFF regarding the abstracts or poster content to YOUREMAILHERE
  • To iPoster Support Desk regarding technical issues: Support Desk
    Don’t forget to include the name of your event!


We hope you enjoy creating your iPoster!
Kind regards,
The  [your event ] iPoster Support Team