Add External Links

The External link tool expands the range of content you can include in your presentation.

Use this tool to link to an external website in order to display online data sets, 3D models, visualisations, or other online dynamic information.

You can make a link out of a bit of text or an image simply by marking it and then clicking on the Link icon. Copy and paste the full web address into the URL field. If you want to remove the link, just mark the text or image and click on the Unlink icon.


When visitors to your presentation at your event click on the link, the web page will open in a special browser window within your iPoster. Be aware that if you have other links on the target web page, visitors will be able to navigate there, but they will not be able to download any files or fill in any forms.


When viewed online, outside of the iPoster area, the link will open in a new tab.


PLEASE NOTE the following restrictions:

  • Content other than images and texts will not accept links. You cannot add links to videos or sound files, or to special content created in the editor, such as TeX equations, symbols, or charts.

  • You cannot turn email addresses into links. You can include an email address as text, but it will not link out.

Design your Presentation

Make your presentation stand out from the crowd by changing background colors or adding a background image. 

It’s quick and easy to do! Just click on the DESIGN Button to give your presentation a personal touch.

The possibilities are endless!