iPoster Quick Guide



Poster Presentations must be made online using the iPoster system. Your iPoster will be presented at the conference on large-format, high-definition computer screens.


  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, or Mac OS X
  • Latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.


  • Use the COLORS & FONTS / DESIGN YOUR iPOSTER button on the Main Toolbar to customize the look of your iPoster.
  • You can add colors, color gradients, and images to your background; change the colors of your content boxes; and adjust the fonts of your titles and texts.


  • If you have a very long abstract title, try to make the title of your iPoster as short as possible so that it doesn’t take up too much room. Your full abstract title will be displayed automatically on the search screen at the conference.
  • Likewise, keep your list of co-author names and affiliations (institutions) brief. If you have a long list, use the CV Button on the Main toolbar. There’s lots of space there. Visitors will be able to read this information by clicking on the CV Button on your iPoster.
  • If you are extracting texts from a highly formatted file such as a PDF or a PPT, we recommend that you first copy the content to a simple text editor in order to remove the formatting. Then you can copy and paste the content into your iPoster and format the texts as you wish.


  • IMAGES: Always use the INSERT IMAGE button in the editor to add images. Import in JPG, PNG, or GIF file formats. The system does not support tiff, pdf or any other format!
  • TABLES & CHARTS: We recommend that you do not export tables, charts, and diagrams (from Excel, for example) directly to the templates. Please export your diagram to an image file (jpg or png), or take a screen shot of it, and then import the image using the INSERT IMAGE button. This will look much better on your iPoster and allow visitors to expand the image for easier reading.
  • VIDEOS: Use the INSERT VIDEO button in the editor to add videos. You must first upload your Video to YouTube, and then copy the embedding code. Paste the embedding code into the Insert Video box. (Click here for detailed instructions on embedding codes)
  • SOUND FILES: Use the INSERT AUDIO button in the editor to add sound files. Create your sound file in MP3 format – any other formats will need to be converted. (Click here for more information on sound files)
  • AUTHOR PHOTO & INSTITUTION LOGO: In the upper right and left corners of your iPoster you can insert images of yourself and your co-authors and your institution. (Some conferences may not allow this – please check with your conference organiser)


  • Use the menu button at the bottom to open and close the Main Toolbar.
  • Here you can change your iPoster’s colors and fonts, add and edit your CV or an abstract (if enabled for your conference) insert an audio narration for your whole iPoster, load and edit images into your image gallery, add keywords (if enabled by your conference), and other actions.
  • SUPPORT: To review these instructions or access the FAQ page, click on the Support button.
  • PRINT: Click on the PRINT Button to create a PDF of your iPoster. You can then print out the PDF. Please note that the PDF will include all of your texts and images from each of your Content Boxes, so it will be a multi-page document – the number of pages will depend upon how much content you have created.
  • PREVIEW: You can see what your iPoster will look like at the conference, and test the multi-media functionality, by clicking on the PREVIEW button on the main toolbar. Be sure to save your work before going to PREVIEW.
  • SAVE: don’t forget to Save your Work!
  • PUBLISH: click the PUBLISH Button when you’re ready for your work to be reviewed for technical quality. You can continue to work on your iPoster even when it’s been published.
  • DELETE: If you delete your iPoster, you will be returned to the Template Chooser. Your images will be saved in the Image Gallery, but you will need to re-enter your texts.

To see how multimedia content can be presented, take a look at a sample iPoster here.

If you have any questions or problems, check out our FAQ pages.  

If you need further help,  please contact us here.

Good luck with your iPoster!