How do I add an audio file or narration to my iPoster?

There are two ways to use an audio file in your iPoster:

1. Narration: You can present an overview of your work or take visitors on a guided tour, by using the NARRATION button on your template’s Main Toolbar. Visitors will be able to explore your iPoster as they listen to your presentation.

2. Within a content box: You can explain specific aspects of your research and include interviews or other recordings by using the INSERT AUDIO button in each of the Content boxes.

General tips for adding a narration:

Here are some general tips on how to best use the built-in recording and MP3 upload tools. Please keep in mind that your conference organizers may have provided more specific instructions on the length of any required narrations that may differ from the below.

– We recommend that overall audio narration be no longer than 6-8 mins at the most. The size limit for MP3 uploads is 50MB. The quality as well as the length of an audio file will determine its size. If your file is too big please compress it – you can google many free online file compressors for this purpose. Here is one we have used before:

– If you plan to record a narration longer than a few minutes please consider using the MP3 upload option rather than recording straight into the system as you cannot edit a recording made directly into the system.

– please also consider using the MP3 upload option if you need to share a narration with others. You can record your pieces separately, edit them as required outside of the system, then upload the complete MP3 file.

– The recommended internet speed for uploading audio files is 5mbps. Particularly if your file size large (over 20MB). If you are having trouble uploading a file that is under 50MB please send it through to our support team at [email protected] and we can try to help you with this.

– When recording your audio file: You can use your mobile device or a more sophisticated system, but we recommend using a microphone. It’s a good idea to rehearse your readings before recording and review them after you’ve recorded! Are they clear and easy to understan

– The iPoster System only accepts audio files in MP3 format. If you can’t record in MP3 format, you’ll need to convert your files to MP3. This is easy to do using one of the free on-line converters. Here is a simple one that we have tested:

1. click on the NARRATION button on the Main Toolbar. An upload dialogue will open up.

2. To record a new audio file directly from your computer: click on ‘Record a new audio file’ and follow the prompts.

3. To Upload a pre-recorded file click on upload an existing audio file’. You can either browse your computer or drag and drop the audio file into the box.

 4. Test your file in Preview. Click on the Preview button on the right hand menu. If you added a general audio presentation using the NARRATION button on the Main Toolbar, you will see that a button for NARRATION appears at the bottom of your iPoster.

You can also add a transcript of your narration. See the FAQ ‘How do I add a narration transcript to my iPoster?‘ for further information and instructions.

For Audio files within content boxes

1. In the content box place your cursor in the position you want the audio file to display. Click on the INSERT AUDIO button in the formatting menu at the top of the  Content Box.

2. Upload dialogue will open up. You can either browse your computer or drag and drop the audio file into the field.

3. Test your file in Preview. Click on the Preview button on the right hand menu. Click on the play arrow in the content box.