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How do I add special characters: superscript, math symbols, etc.?

For Content Box texts

  1. Place the cursor where you want to insert the special character in the text.
  2. Click on the appropriate button in the Tool Bar (pictured below).

For Title and Subtitle fields

To add special characters into the title and subtitle fields you can use copy-and-paste. Here are super and subscript numbers and commas that you can use:


¹ ² ³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ ⁸ ⁹ ⁰ ⸴


₁ ₂ ₃ ₄ ₅ ₆ ₇ ₈ ₉   ̦

Please note: if you’re a Mac user and you’re having trouble seeing any of the super or subscript characters above, do this:

You can also use any one of a number of online super- and subscript generators that can be found on the web. We recommend the following easy-to-use generators:

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