Moments from previous live events

K-INBRE 2024

Some fantastic looking iPosters and lively presentations showcased at the 2024 K-INBRE Symposium A.K.A. The Kansas Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence. The conference provides an opportunity for Kansas based scientists and students to present their research side-by-side, helping to foster networking and future collaboration. The symposium delivers a genuine conference experience to students who might not have participated in a significant scientific event before.

AGU Fall Meeting 2023

This year’s Fall Meeting was held in December 2023 in San Francisco and included a virtual component that took place in January 2024. There were over 8000 iPosters and PDF+ posters created for the event.

FM23 was an extra special collaboration for us as we worked closely with AGU staff to develop a platform for the management of the Outstanding Student Presentation Awards (OSPA). This initiative is designed to recognize and encourage exemplary research and presentation skills among student participants. Students had the opportunity to sign up for the OSPA program and receive valuable feedback from seasoned professionals, with the potential to earn recognition certificates and prizes for their outstanding work. The new platform allowed OSPA staff and volunteers to easily assign and manage reviewers to each presentation and for Reviewers to complete and submit their evaluations in the system. When the judging process was completed the feedback was made available to the students.

IAC 2023

We were delighted to support the iPoster sessions at the International Astronautical Congress, which took place in Baku, Azerbaijan last week. The conference is organized annually by the International Astronautical Federation and attracts experts and enthusiasts from the field of space exploration. Over 500 iPoster presentations were displayed and discussed over two days of the event, covering a wide range of topics and innovations. This was our second meeting to use our new screen scheduling system, which allows the authors to book their own presentation time slots in advance through their editor. The scheduled times were then automatically shown under the thumbnail image of their poster in the online iPoster gallery. The poster hall was filled with excitement and curiosity, and the whole set-up looked amazing.

AAS 242

last week Joe and Felicity supported the iPoster sessions at AAS 242. The American Astronomical Society is the largest professional organization for astronomers in the United States. It holds annual meetings to showcase the latest research and discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics. 

We have been working with the AAS since 2017 and were, as usual, blown away by the creativity and the content that go into their authors iPosters. Over 200 presentations were created for AAS 242, the summer meeting, in Albuquerque. The presentations were displayed across 40 screens over the five day event. We were  able to utilize our new  control desk feature to  automatically load the posters onto each screen prior to the start of the sessions.

A Space Conference on Climate Change

Our lead project manager Isak, has just wrapped up in Oslo at the Global Space Conference on Climate Change 2023 (GLOC 2023). The event brought together experts from space and climate sectors to discuss how space-based solutions can help address the challenges of climate change.

GLOC 2023 was organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) and the Norwegian Space Agency (NOSA). Some topics covered throughout the event included climate change impacts on the environment, applications and services driven by climate change, impacts of a changing climate on policy and law and more.

There were over 75 iPosters created and presented by researchers in 10 minute lightning sessions across two days. Congratulations to all presenters for a fantastic job done.