Moments from previous live events

AERA Annual Meeting

The 2023 American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual meeting featured a diverse range of research presentations, including a number of engaging and informative iPresentations. We also provided a platform for access to all presentations made during the conference. This included papers delivered during panel discussions, roundtable discussions, workshops symposia and more. There have been over 2000 presentations created and uploaded to the gallery so far. The in-person component has just wrapped up in Chicago and the virtual event will take place in early May.

The AERA Annual Meeting was the first conference to use our newly integrated accessibility widget. This is a major step towards creating a more inclusive online environment. With this widget users with disabilities can easily navigate and interact with the iPoster interactive templates. The widget’s AI-powered technology automatically adjusts the interface to accommodate different accessibility needs. This includes screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, and color contrast adjustments. The widget’s user-friendly interface allows users to customize their experience to suit their specific needs, making it easier to access and understand the content on iPosters. We will continue tweaking the widget as we receive user feedback on it. This integration on the interactive templates is a win for accessibility and inclusivity in the science sharing community.

Trexperts: Skin of Color Society

Really happy to be onsite in NOLA for the 19th annual Skin of Color Society  (SOCS) Scientific Symposium. There were over 130 iPosters created for the event. The research was compiled and presented by both students and professionals at various levels  in the dermatology field.

Melanoma Research Alliance Scientific Retreat

The Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) Scientific Retreat took place in Washington DC with a virtual component for those unable to make it in person. There were 30 iPosters created for the event which were displayed across 15 large standing screens. The conference is an opportunity for key stakeholders across the field to network and share and present new ideas and issues within this important field of research.

Parker ACE 2023

In February Parker Seminars and Parker Research Centre hosted the 2nd Annual Abstracts for Clinical Evidence (ACE) Program in Las Vegas. Presentations covered a range of topics like:

  • Chiropractic
  • Neuroscience
  • Nutrition
  • Human Performance

We worked with Parker organizers to develop iPoster templates with 4 preset backgrounds which had different colors and content box combinations depending on the research field. These were pre-loaded for authors prior to them logging in so all they needed to do was input their data and add their images, videos, sound files and other media to help showcase their research.

K-INBRE Symposium

The K-INBRE symposium is an annual professional research conference for scientists in Kansas to present their original research. Students present side-by-side with professional scientists and researchers providing them with networking and future collaboration opportunities. There were over 140  iPosters created for the event containing some of this research across a wide variety of fields such as public health and bioinformatics. 

Joe was on-site in Kansas City supporting the event and he received some glowing feedback from one of the K-INBRE Symposium organizers, Clare Frantz:

Thank you so much for making sure that all of our iPoster sessions ran smoothly. I think they were a great success overall! So happy that they could be a major part of our symposium because I know they’re frequently everyone’s favorite part
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