How can I save a web page as a PDF document (Windows and MacOS)?

Windows 10 and MacOS have a built-in print-to-PDF functionality in the operating system that can be used by all applications.

To print a web page as a PDF using Windows 10 or MacOS, simply right click on the webpage, then select ‘print’ in the menu.  Alternatively, click the 3 dot menu at the top right of the screen and select ‘print’.

A print menu screen will appear. In the ‘destination’ field choose ‘Save as PDF’. This will allow you to save the webpage as a PDF document to your computer’s desktop or another location.

In Windows 8 there’s no built-in print-to-PDF functionality, so you have to do it in other ways:


if you use Chrome, there’s a built-in PDF print. Select Print, under Destination, click Change and select Save to PDF.


To save as PDF, install an extension, e.g. Print Edit or PrintPDF