Add Sound and Videos

Sound and video will really make your iPoster presentation come alive!

Let’s start with adding videos
Videos are great for documenting different aspects of your research – truly making your work come alive. You can record processes, conduct interviews, and even record yourself making a presentation or commenting on a special aspect of your work. Just follow these steps:

1. Load your video up to YouTube or Vimeo.

2. Copy the video’s URL.

3. Open the Content box where you want your video to be shown and place your cursor where you want it to be inserted.

4. Click on the Insert Video icon at the top of your content box toolbar.

Important: You must use the Insert Video tool to add a video to your presentation. You cannot just copy and paste the URL directly into a Content Box.

5. Copy the URL into the open field and click OK.

6. You’ll see that the video is now displayed in the Content Box. Confirm that it plays properly by clicking on the Preview button on the main toolbar and starting the video.

Now let’s take a look at adding sound files.
This is a way for you to be there even when you’re not there! You can create narrations and explanations so that you can guide your visitors through your work at any time and any place. If your work produces interesting sounds or lends itself to interviews, you can do that too. Here’s how to do it.

1. Record your audio file in a quiet place. 
You can use a mobile phone or a more sophisticated system, but we recommend using a microphone. It’s a good idea to rehearse your readings before recording. And review them after you’ve recorded! Are they clear and easy to understand? Recordings should be no longer than 3 minutes.
Please note: The iPoster System accepts only audio files in MP3 format. If you can’t record in that format, you’ll need to convert your files to MP3. This is easy to do using one of the free on-line file-format converters. There are many of them, but here is a simple one that we have tested:

2. Insert your audio into your iPoster
• If you want to add a general audio presentation for your whole iPoster, click on the AUDIO PRESENTATION button on the Main Toolbar.

• An upload dialogue will open up. You can either browse your computer or drag and drop the audio file into the “Choose audio file“ field.

• If you want to add an audio file to a Content Box, place your cursor in the position you want the audio file to display. Click on the INSERT AUDIO button in the formatting menu at the top of the  Content Box.

• You can either browse your computer or drag and drop the audio file into the open field.     

3. Test your file in Preview. 
• If you added a general audio presentation using the AUDIO PRESENTATION button on the Main Toolbar, you will see that a button for Audio Presentation appears at the bottom of your iPoster.

• If you added a file within a Content Box, you’ll see a Play arrow.