How do I change Templates?

If you want to change your template, PLEASE READ ALL OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY, so that you don’t lose any content.

In order to change your template, you click on the DELETE button on your Main toolbar, which will take you back to the Template Chooser page and allow you to select a different template.

All of your images will be saved, and you will find them in the Image Gallery on your new Template.

All of your texts will be deleted, so please do the following:

  1. Copy all of your texts, from all of the Content Boxes and special boxes, and paste them into another document. We recommend a simple text editor.
  2. Once you have copied all of your texts, you can delete the current template and choose another.
  3. Copy and paste your texts back into the appropriate Content Boxes.
  4. To add back your images, place your cursor where you want them inserted and click on the INSERT IMAGES button. Click on the GALLERY Button to choose from your previously uploaded images.