Online Interactive Knowledge Experiences

What we do.

iPosterSessions is an aMuze! Interactive system. We’ve been working with online interactive knowledge experiences for over 20 years now. We began in museums, science centers, and other free-choice learning environments. Our technology enabled viewers to find out more about the things that interested them, both during and after their visits. We wanted to engage them in a dialogue about the themes and issues inherent in the exhibits.


Our Focus.

Our focus has always been on learning outcomes. On making knowledge attractive, accessible, and relevant. On creating personal pathways into subject matter rather than just pushing out information.

It was natural for us to bring this background and focus to our development of a new, unique system for scientific, medical, and scholarly oral and poster presentations.

Photo by Reese Moore Photography

We take full advantage of the latest research and developments in user interfaces, smart databases, and digital systems, offering powerful multimedia tools for the creation, presentation, and exploration of content.

We love to listen and to innovate.  We have built iPosterSessions to be easily customizable to the unique needs of our clients. And to be easy for us to continue to develop and refine new functions and features for authors and attendees.

Our Team

We a small team of 17 people with a range of backgrounds and expertise. We’re spread out across Sweden, Finland, The United States and India. With clients from all over the world we are a truly global company.


We are fundamentally engaged in the issues of sustainability. This engagement comes from a number of factors, both philosophical and practical.

We are convinced that balancing the use of our social, environmental and economic resources today with respect to the needs of future generations is the overarching issue of our time. It follows that we have a responsibility to do all we can to advance sustainable thinking and acting. This is one of the foundations of our business idea and imbues our ways of working.

We hope that aMuze! Interactive can contribute to the development of a sustainable society by helping to make complex and critical subjects accessible and understandable to a broad public with a wide range of interests and intelligences.

In practical terms, we are working to reduce our consumption of materials and resources, minimize and direct our waste streams, reuse and recycle wherever possible.