Interactive, multimedia presentations for scientific & educational events: in-person, virtual & hybrid

Intuitive interface

iPosterSessions WYSIWYG templates make it easy to create interactive poster presentations that attract, engage & inform.

Unlimited content

Authors can present as much content as they need. Visitors can explore the content as deeply as they wish.

Multimedia tools

Display high-resolution images and videos & GIFs. Record a narration or add audio clips.

Digital & Dynamic

Online creation & display. No paper, Powerpoints or PDFs.  Update content at any time, right through the conference.

Extended contact

Explore each poster presentation with full interactivity after the conference – on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Added value

iPosterSessions provides an innovative platform for sponsors & partners to present themselves to your constituency.

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How iPosters work for you

Woman presenting research at agu ocean sciences 2024

If you are an event organizer…

  • Use our secure system to deliver interactive and multimedia-rich online eposter sessions.
  • We handle everything from start to finish, including importing author and metadata lists from your abstract management system.
  • We send invitation and reminder emails to your authors with links to ‘how to’ guides, video tutorials and FAQs.
  • We set up a customized gallery screen for display at your conference (onsite or virtual).
  • We provide dedicated onsite or online support throughout the conference.
  • You can log in at any point to view your conference’s progress.
  • We provide continuous status reports and rich statistics.

If you are an author…

  • Once you receive your event welcome email, you can login and start creating.
  • Choose from a variety of multimedia templates.
  • Invite co-authors and collaborate with them in real-time.
  • Design your presentation with easy-to-use editing tools that allow you to select colors, backgrounds, typefaces, and more.
  • Add high-resolution images and videos, sound files, iframes, slideshows, links to external websites, surveys, and more.
  • Set up text and video chats
  • Unlike static e-posters and PDFs, there is no limit to the content that can be added to an iPoster.

If you are an attendee…

  • Explore the poster presentations on-site on high-definition touch screens or online from any internet-connected device.
  • Make use of our ADA508 & WCAG compliant accessibility tools
  • Search, filter, sort and scroll through the iPoster Gallery to find the research that interests you.
  • Tap or click to expand content boxes to read more.
  • Click to expand images, tables and diagrams to study them in full-size detail
  • Play videos, slide shows, and audio files.
  • Connect to dynamic datasets and background content on external websites.
  • Contact authors, add comments, bookmark favorites.
  • Continue to explore your interests online after the event is finished.

If you are an exhibitor or sponsor…

  • The iPosterSessions system provides a powerful communications platform for you to reach out to and interact with participants.
  • Our online multimedia system enables you to be visible and reachable both during and after the event – on any Internet-connected device.
  • And you’ll get comprehensive statistics on visitor engagement. Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, iPosterSessions increases the value of your participation.