Interactive, multimedia presentations for scientific &
educational events: in-person, virtual & hybrid

Intuitive interface

iPosterSessions WYSIWYG templates make it easy to create interactive poster presentations that attract, engage & inform.

Unlimited content

Authors can present as much content as they need. Visitors can explore the content as deeply as they wish.

Multimedia tools

Display high-resolution images and videos & GIFs. Record a narration or add audio clips.

Digital & Dynamic

Online creation & display. No paper, Powerpoints or PDFs.  Update content at any time, right through the conference.

Extended contact

Explore each poster presentation with full interactivity after the conference – on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Added value

iPosterSessions provides an innovative platform for sponsors & partners to present themselves to your constituency.

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How iPosters work for you

If you are an event organizer…

Our secure content management system enables you to deliver sophisticated online, interactive, multimedia poster sessions. We take care of the whole process for you. Firstly we’ll import author and metadata lists from your abstract management system. Then we’ll send out invitation emails to your authors, providing them with links ‘how to’ guides, video tutorials and FAQs. Finally we’ll set up a customized search screen for display at your conference (onsite or virtual) and provide onsite support. You can log in at any point to view your conference’s progress. We will also send you continuous status reports throughout the process.

If you are an author…

Once you receive your event welcome email all you have to do is log in and start creating. Firstly select from a variety of templates. Then design your presentation with easy to use editing tools that allow you to choose colors, backgrounds, typefaces, and more. Unlike static e-posters and Powerpoints, iPosters can include unlimited multimedia content. Take advantage of this by adding high res images and videos, sound files, slideshows, links to external websites, surveys, chats and video sessions, and much more.

Person standing over and to the left of large screen showcasing an iPoster toa crowd of people.

If you are an attendee…

Explore the poster presentations on high-definition interactive touch screens or online for virtual meetings. Search and scroll through the Gallery screens to find the research that interests you. Tap to open up content boxes to read more. Click through images, tables and diagrams to study them in full-size detail on the screens. Tap to play videos, slide shows, and audio files. Connect to dynamic datasets and background content on external websites. Contact authors, add comments, bookmark favorites. View the iPosters on mobile phones and tablets. You can even continue to explore your interests online after the event is finished.

If you are an exhibitor or sponsor…

The iPosterSessions system provides a powerful communications platform for you to reach out to and interact with participants. Our online multimedia system enables you to be visible and reachable both during and after the event – on any Internet-connected device. And you’ll get comprehensive statistics on visitor engagement. Whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, iPosterSessions increases the value of your participation.

screenshot of I-poster gallery with a splash-screen on top of it displaying the sponsor logos for the conference.