iPoster testimonials poster session

Here’s some of what we’ve heard from authors, presenters and conference attendees about creating and exploring iPosters.

Zoe Jacobs, Biogeochemical Modeller, National Oceanography Centre:

“I LOVED the eLightning sessions at #OSM20 – much more interactive & enabled greater discussion.”


Erlan H. Feria, PhD, Professor at Department of Engineering and Environmental Science, CUNY College of Staten Island:

“The option of the iPoster Plus has been heaven-sent. It has allowed me to discuss my multi-disciplinary research in Physics in different formats – words, videos, and pictures. Only through the use of this incredibly user friendly technology was it possible to create a seamless presentation of an emergent principle – a paradigm shift in physics for the solution of complex problems like dark-matter and dark-energy in astrophysics and lifespan in biophysics!”


Drew Harvell, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cormell University:

“These Lightening Posters Rock!!! It was really a privilege to use that system and it was well supported at our meeting. Lucky us that it was such a perfect platform for our very visual project in animated 3-D.”


Erik van Sebille, Oceanographer and Climate Scientist, Utrecht University:

“Snappy, funny and inspiring. I feel I’ve seen the (near-)future of conferencing at our eLightning session at #osm20. So much better than passive oral sessions!”


Mario Rivera, Colorado Department of Education:

“This is great technology! All poster sessions should use iPosters.”


Kevin Fosnacht, Associate Research Scientist, Indiana University:

“All academic societies need to join this bandwagon. Digital posters! No need to lug them through the airport. No printing costs. Users can browse them all conference long. Great job #ACRL2019!”


Clark Richards, PhD , Research Scientist, Bedford Institute of Oceanography:

“I will 100% submit as an eLightning next chance I get. Best of both worlds — exposure from the talk and detailed discussions with the poster.”


Lauren Tompkins, Genesee Mental Health System:

The depth of information that could be readily displayed was a real plus. The ease of set up, special effects and customizability were also really nice.


Andrea Smith, Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority:

The poster convenience was amazing. The ability to save and modify and share can’t be beat.


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