iPoster testimonials poster session

Here are some of the testimonials we’ve received from authors, presenters and conference attendees about creating and exploring iPosters.

Erlan H. Feria, PhD, Professor at Department of Engineering and Environmental Science CUNY College of Staten Island:

“The option of the iPoster Plus has been heaven-sent. It has allowed me to discuss my multi-disciplinary research in Physics in different formats – words, videos, and pictures. Only through the use of this incredibly user friendly technology was it possible to create a seamless presentation of an emergent principle – a paradigm shift in physics for the solution of complex problems like dark-matter and dark-energy in astrophysics and lifespan in biophysics!”


Connie Lieseke, Program Coordinator at Olympic College:

It was a great way to present a lot of information in a format that was not overwhelming. It was fun to build once I figured it out! I loved being able to touch the screen and expand, bring up details, etc. while I was presenting.


Rikki Barton, MA, Director, Regional Support Center, Community Partnership of the Ozarks:

“It was a great way to insert photos, videos and information. We loved it!”


Mario Rivera, Colorado Department of Education:

“This is great technology! All poster sessions should use iPosters.”


Lauren Tompkins, Genesee Mental Health System:

The depth of information that could be readily displayed was a real plus. The ease of set up, special effects and customizability were also really nice.


Andrea Smith, Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority:

The poster convenience was amazing. The ability to save and modify and share can’t be beat.

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