Words from authors, presenters and conference attendees about creating and exploring iPosters.

Irina Lyublinskaya, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Mathematics, Science, and Technology, Teachers College, Columbia University:

“The poster session at AERA 2024 was a well designed and well organized event. The touch-screen monitors with interactive posters allowed me to pull up details to address questions, to enlarge tables and graphics while explaining our study, and to have an effective and aesthetically attractive poster. I also appreciate the convenience of adding materials or QR codes to resources on the fly. I loved the location of the poster sessions in the exhibit hall. There was plenty of room to walk around and for a large group of people to be able to gather around a poster without blocking traffic.”

Susie Almon-Matangos, Lead SME, Speech-Language Pathology:

“I really like iPoster! It is easy to use, looks professional, provides more space to provide information, and prevents having to print an expensive poster that is hard to travel with.”

Paul Bracher, Asst. Professor, Saint Louis University:

“I’m at a conference. There’s a room full of poster-sized touch monitors. You can call up your poster and interact with items and zoom into boxes. Visitors can also quietly browse all posters alone. It’s all electronic. No more printing. Also, let’s say I missed a poster presentation the day before but heard it was good. I can go in the poster system, message the presenter, and we can meet. We can find an open screen in the lobby, pull up the poster, and chat. It’s like a poster session on-demand. I like that I didn’t need to print ($/time). I like that I can edit mistakes. I like that I can leave making it to the last minute. I like not carrying a tube. I like I can browse posters far away, without fighting crowds in my wheelchair. Thanks, #AbSciCon22 & @iPosterSessions

Zoe Jacobs, Biogeochemical Modeller, National Oceanography Centre:

“I LOVED the eLightning sessions at #OSM20 – much more interactive & enabled greater discussion.”

Erlan H. Feria, PhD, Professor at Department of Engineering and Environmental Science, CUNY College of Staten Island:

“The option of the iPoster Plus has been heaven-sent. It has allowed me to discuss my multi-disciplinary research in Physics in different formats – words, videos, and pictures. Only through the use of this incredibly user friendly technology was it possible to create a seamless presentation of an emergent principle – a paradigm shift in physics for the solution of complex problems like dark-matter and dark-energy in astrophysics and lifespan in biophysics!”

Drew Harvell, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University:

“These Lightening Posters Rock!!! It was really a privilege to use that system and it was well supported at our meeting. Lucky us that it was such a perfect platform for our very visual project in animated 3-D.”

Erik van Sebille, Oceanographer and Climate Scientist, Utrecht University:

“Snappy, funny and inspiring. I feel I’ve seen the (near-)future of conferencing at our eLightning session at #osm20. So much better than passive oral sessions!”

Mario Rivera, Colorado Department of Education:

“This is great technology! All poster sessions should use iPosters.”

Kevin Fosnacht, Associate Research Scientist, Indiana University:

“All academic societies need to join this bandwagon. Digital posters! No need to lug them through the airport. No printing costs. Users can browse them all conference long. Great job #ACRL2019!”

Clark Richards, PhD , Research Scientist, Bedford Institute of Oceanography:

“I will 100% submit as an eLightning next chance I get. Best of both worlds — exposure from the talk and detailed discussions with the poster.”

Lauren Tompkins, Genesee Mental Health System:

The depth of information that could be readily displayed was a real plus. The ease of set up, special effects and customizability were also really nice.

Andrea Smith, Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority:

The poster convenience was amazing. The ability to save and modify and share can’t be beat.