Why can’t I log in to my presentation editor?

If you’re having trouble logging in, the issue could be your operating system, browser, network, or router.

Please check the following:

  • You have the latest updates for your operating system: Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • You are using the latest version of your web browser: we recommend Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Please note, we do not support Internet Explorer.

If you are still having issues logging in, please check with your IT department. It may be that you are being denied access because of a firewall at your organization. To confirm this, try logging in to you presentation from another computer in another location and see if you are still experiencing the issue.

If you’re having problems while trying to connect from home, you might have a slow internet connection that is making it difficult to access the template.

If you have tried the above fixes and still can’t login, please contact our technical support team iPoster Support