Virtual Poster Sessions

When your attendees can’t attend and your presenters can’t present, we offer a proven platform for virtual poster sessions.

These are extremely difficult times for scientific and scholarly meetings. There’s important research to be presented and discussed, but there’s  also a lot of anxiety about traveling. This is uncharted territory and restrictions can change daily. Hopefully your meeting will take place. However there’s a high chance that many attendees and presenters won’t be able to join you.

Onsite, virtual or hybrid

Your meeting might be onsite with virtual participants or 100% virtual. We can cater to either scenario. Our dynamic platform allows you to browse through your event’s interactive iPoster presentations on any internet-connected device.  If you’re going 100% virtual, we can even stage live, moderated sessions where all participants can join in without leaving home. We’ll work with you to find the format that fits best.

We have the technology and methodology

Our iPoster system provides tools that make it easy for authors to create presentations that bring their research to life – whether presented virtually online or live onsite.

  • Unlimited text and multimedia content.
  • Audio tools for adding oral presentations and other sound files.
  • Upload high resolution images, high definition videos, and GIF’s.
  • Add simulations, visualizations, and sonifications.
  • Include links to external websites for viewing original source materials and other contextual content, and for exploring live data-sets and other dynamic content.

We make it easy to communicate

Whether you’re participating online or onsite, during or after the event. Our tools for built-in chats, sharing presentations, and contacting authors will facilitate knowledge transfer and networking.

The process is simple too. You give us your list of authors and presentation details and we’ll manage the whole process for you. We’ll send out invitations to your authors with login credentials to our online, dynamic templates. We’ll support them with tutorials, FAQs, quick guides, and a help desk that has won us praise from clients and authors alike. You’ll get a login to our client administration so that you can follow the progress of the authors – who has logged in, who has started work, who has published their iPoster.

Contact us to set up a time for an online presentation.

Let’s talk about how we can help you meet the needs of your meeting participants, wherever they are,  with virtual poster sessions.

Here’s a practical perspective on the current COVID-19 crisis: