Can I upload a PowerPoint or PDF poster directly to my presentation?


There is no function to upload a PowerPoint or PDF poster directly into your presentation.
But there’s good news: While you can’t upload a PowerPoint or PDF directly, you can transfer the source content over from other documents. Many – if not most – of our authors have their source content in PowerPoint, PDF,  Keynote or Word documents. They simply pick a template that works for the way their presentation is organised, and then transfer the content into the content boxes. Follow this method to upload elements from a  powerpoint, PDF or other type of document. 

Enter your texts and images separately.


You can copy and paste text from your source, directly into a content box.


All images should be inserted using the Insert Image tool, which you will  find on the toolbar of each content box.

Upload images from a powerpoint or PDF by clicking the 'insert image' button.

IMPORTANT: Images must be in JPG, PNG or GIF format
. When inserting images, remember that images will expand to their full size when tapped by visitors or by you during your presentation. So, make sure your images are as large as possible – up to 1920 x1080 pixels. And if possible, use the original images for best quality. If they are not available, take screen shots of your images, but zoom in before you take them so that, again, they are as large as possible.

Treat diagrams, charts, tables, etc the same way
. Either export them from their source program as JPG or PNG, or take a screen shot. Make them as large as possible, and then import them into your content boxes. That way they will expand to make it easy for your visitors to view them.

Remember that an iPoster or iPresentation can contain so much more than an upload of a  PDF or Powerpoint, so try to take advantage of this by including:


  • Videos
  • Sound files
  • Links to dynamic external information (e.g. online data sets, visualizations, etc…)
  • As much content as you feel is necessary to present your research with the detail it deserves. There are no content limits.  As soon as you exceed the apparent physical space of a content box, it will scroll.

One last tip.

As you proceed, save your progress then check your work by clicking on the Preview button. You’ll get a close approximation of how your presentation will look on the HD screens, and can test all of the functionality: content boxes and images expand when clicked, videos play correctly, external links connect, etc…


Be sure to view our tutorials, which will give you a broad overview of the how to create your presentations.

Our Editing Quick guide will explain all of the editing tools.