News from iPosterSessions

Big ideas on a big screen


AAS, The American Astronomical Society, has introduced iPosters-Plus at their 234th meeting in St Louis, MO. Moderated, topical presentations on the big screen for big audiences were a big attraction in the AAS iPoster Theater.  An additional 27 HD interactive touch screens displayed all iPosters for individual and group exploration.



Transformative Treatments and Innovative Solutions


91 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. Nearly 50% of veterans suffer from chronic pain. Stress, pain, or addiction underlie nearly all primary care visits in most industrial societies.

San Antonio, Texas was the site for AIC2019, the Annual International Conference of The Institute for Functional Medicine. Researchers and clinicians addressed the theme of “Stress, Pain, and Addiction: Transformative Treatments and Innovative Solutions”. Their iPosters presented cutting-edge science regarding the interactions among this triad and demonstrate how the Functional Medicine approach can help with these drivers of modern, chronic disease.


The Psychological Impact of Inequality


We just finished an exciting two days with the British Psychological Society’s annual conference on The Psychological Impact of Inequality. It’s a compelling theme in these times of rising economic, social, and environmental inequality all around the world. All of the poster presentations were made on our multimedia iPoster system.

When you absolutely positively have to know, ask a librarian.*

We just finished our first assignment for ACRL – the Association of College & Research Libraries. 24 interactive touch screens. Over 200 stimulating iPoster presentations. A division of the American Library Association, ACRL is the higher education association for academic libraries and library workers, representing more than 10,000 individuals and libraries.

* The motto of the American Library Association