My text is not showing properly (or not all) in preview mode.

Everything looks fine on my template, but when I look at my presentation in preview mode, the text isn’t showing at all, or the formatting is wrong.

This is probably because there was some hidden “junk code” in the document you copied and pasted from and it is preventing your text from displaying as it should. To clean up the code, there are a number of different “fixes”.

If your text is not displaying properly, try the following:

  1. If there are images in the content box, start by deleting them. They are all saved in your Image Gallery, from which you can re-insert them once you’ve fixed the text.
  2. Copy the text. Then delete it from the content box.
  3. Paste the text back into the content box.
  4. Check preview mode. If the text now displays, you can go back to your template editor, format it as you wish, and reinsert the images from your Image Gallery.

If this still doesn’t work (because you’ve got some really, really mean code blocking things) please do this:

  1. Delete any images as above.
  2. All computers come with a plain text editor, e.g., NotePad on Windows & TextEdit on Mac. Copy-paste all text into either of these programs.
  3. Delete all text from your content box.
  4. Then copy-paste back into your content boxes.
  5. Check preview. If the text displays, proceed as above.

If not, please contact support.