Video Session Instructions

Welcome to the iPoster Video Sessions tool.

Here you can run your own live iPoster video presentation and discussion, using any of the common web-based meeting services like Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and others. Many of them have free plans with certain limits to the length of the meeting (often 45-60min) and the maximum number of attendees (usually up to 100). Check them out find one that fits your needs.


Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up and running one.


1. Set up a meeting on the meeting platform of your choice, following their specific instructions. Note the URL and password, which you will need to set up the Video Session in your template. Acquaint yourself with the presentation tools that are available.


2. Publish your iPoster. You can still continue to edit it and make any changes and additions you want.


3. Open the Video Sessions control panel from your template. The Time Zone should be set to your Time Zone by Default. You can use the drop down to set for another Time Zone (e.g. the Time Zone that the event is using)


Event attendees will see the date and times according to their own Time Zones.


4. Fill in the meeting URL and password.

You’ll see that there is a default text in the Session Message box.  You can edit this and add a personal message too.  Then click on SAVE SETTINGS.


5. You can now close the Video Session Settings control panel.


7. Confirm the settings by clicking on the PREVIEW button on your Main Toolbar. You should see the VIDEO SESSION INFO button at the bottom of your iPoster. Click on the button to see how it will display for visitors.

iPoster Live Session display

Meeting participants will also see your Video Session times on the Gallery Screen, along with the other information about you and your iPoster.

iPoster Live Session display on Gallery Screen

8. When it’s time to start your Video Session, open up the Video Session Control Panel and click on the GO TO SESSION button. This will take you to your meeting.

Visitors will see that there is now a JOIN MEETING button at the bottom of the iPoster. When they click on this they will come into the meeting

iPoster Button - Join Live Session

9. We suggest you open the Meeting at least ten or so minutes before the official time so that you can get your screen set to share and your iPoster in full screen view. Test your microphone and speakers to make sure that you can hear and be heard. Use a headset if possible which will help keep out any background noise.


10. Show time! Make your presentation and enjoy the ensuing questions and conversations. Keep an eye on the clock so that you can end the meeting calmly, without being suddenly cut off.


You can set up new Video Sessions whenever you want.