Chat Instructions

Welcome to the iPoster Chat tool.


1. Open the Chat control panel from your template. The Time Zone should be set to your Time Zone by Default. You can use the drop down to set for another Time Zone (e.g. the Time Zone that the event is using)

Event attendees will see the date and times according to their own Time Zones.


You can always change your Chat times later, as well as set up new chats after each chat has ended.  This information will be displayed on the Gallery Screen so that meeting attendees and visitors will know when to join.

2. Personalize your Chat Information message.

The Edit Message field contains a default message which will be displayed when visitors click on the CHAT INFO button on your iPoster. You can edit your message here. Be sure to save! You can always go back and change your message.


3. Save your settings before closing the Chat Settings window.


4. When you start your chat… visitors will see a JOIN CHAT button on your poster. Once they’ve entered their name and email address, they can enter the chat.


Please note: the Chat will not start automatically.
It is up to you to start the Chat by clicking on the START CHAT button.

 You can start a Chat whenever you want by simply clicking on the START CHAT button – even after the scheduled times have passed.


… if you want to view or chat with other iPosters at the same time as you have your own Chat open.

You will not be able to view other iPosters if you open the Gallery in the same browser that you are using to run your Chat. Please do one of the following:

  • Use “Incognito” or “Private” mode to open the Gallery to view other iPosters
  • Open the Gallery in a different browser than the one you have used to log in to your iPoster.